unsets and Hearts, is the project of Mexican American Artist, Car González. He got his early start in Corpus Christi, Tx when he formed the band Vattica with his close friends in 2002. They toured primarily in South Texas and went through a few different name changes and band lineups, first going by the name Vattica, then Stereo Box Studio, and finally landing on Zebras and Firecrackers. The band never released an album. It wasn't until 2009 when a friend left his entire recording equipment in González apartment for a week. It couldn't have came at a better time, as which González has described in interviews was at the lowest point in his life and had a suffering need to release music at any cost.

He recorded a set of demo's and released the dancey, drug pop single "Designer Drugs" which grew popular among friends and music blogs alike, later that year he released the "Despair & Desperation EP (Dec 2009)." Five months later he followed up with the highly obscure garage experimental, "Vive Tu Muerte EP (May 2010)," released the journal focused album "Music Sketchbook Series I," and the bedroom recorded, "Winter Wierdness EP."

By late 2011 he had relocated his music project to Austin, Tx and released the highly anticipated first full length album, "Altered Faze (Dec 2011)" which received much critical praise from music blogs for its interspersion with pop beats, soft melodies and synthesized compositions. The soulful single "Samantha Gamma" showed a softer side to González and became the heartfelt single that grew popular in early 2012.

In the winter months of 2012 he had detached himself from the then-current chillwave music scene and recruited the help of producer Cedar Apffel (Natureboy) and followed up with the avant garde, "Variant EP (Nov 2012)." Where he incorporated changeable influences seeking out post-punk, electronic drone, minimalist ambience and intimate acoustics. The composition, "Aloysia Aeterna / David Lynch" displayed this unique evolved sound to travel on opposite sides of the experimental music spectrum. From 2012 to 2015 he released the post punk influenced, "Bleed Over Ep" the second journal focused album, "Music Sketchbook Series II" and lastly his story crafted compositions album, "Songs for a Non Existent Film."

In early 2016 he released his second full length album "Unknown Futures (Jan 2016)," a complex instrumental electronic punk album with syncopated beats and dazzling synths screaming urgency. The repetitive lyrical single "Inertia LSP (Debt Slavery)" focused more on the redundancy of our lives and how we grow numb with life on a day to day basis when dealing with the blatant injustices being done to our society and future. In May he collaborated with McNeil Joseph and released the single "Suddenly Cataclysms," to benefit Border Angels an all volunteer, non profit organization that advocates for human rights, humane immigration reform, and social justice with a special focus on issues related to the US-Mexican border.

He is currently working on releasing a Summer album Fuck Trump EP before years end 2017.


Vive Tu Muerte EP

by Sunsets and Hearts

About this Album:

"All of 'Vive Tu Muerte' songs were recorded and mixed in Corpus Christi, Tx right by the beautiful white sand and warm waters of the Gulf Cost in a small townhouse in March & April of 2010. All of the songs were being recorded after midnight to fulfill a certain obligation to the song material. Some recordings never made the final stages of mixing due to disagreements/complications with the lyrical content being considered too transparent to the actual story lines described in the music. Although the music was never fully realized to the songwriters full degree it was still released, we know now that the hex was definite on this one. 

The album is about a series of dreams Car Gonzalez was having and dealing with from January thru February of 2010. He was right in the middle of recording and structuring songs after days of just releasing, 'Despair & Desperation'." 

"I had made it a point to not have any running theme for the next album because I wanted to start releasing music immediately after this last release. I had some songs that didn't exactly fit with the sound of "Despair & Desperation," but that all came to a halt because what I was experiencing was quickly changing the direction of that.  

People call them night terrors or something like that. For those two months I was waking up in the middle of the night shaking and drenched in sweat from these vivid dreams, what I remember I saw and witnessed my own death several times.  

It's an erie feeling that I've never felt before I woke up remembering the words my grandma use to tell my brother and I when we little kids, (mind you she was a mean old "vieja" from mexico who we would see maybe once every few years she wasn't to fond of us)  "vive tu muerte"  she would say, meaning "live your death." 

I don't know where these dreams came from or why those words stuck out as I had never experienced this before. In one of the dreams I was driving over a long industrial bridge when all of a sudden the bridge started shaking and finally collapsed in on itself immediately I was free falling towards the water when I hit I woke up sweating with a serious chest pain. 

In another dream I remember I was being stabbed with a machete by an unknown person I couldn't see who it was when I woke up I couldn't breath it was like the air was being pulled out of me. There were a few others I can't recall but it was always followed by a sudden awakening and different areas of pain, sweat, lack of oxygen...etc. 

These were explicitly vivid dreams it felt like I was there, I still remember them like a memory its weird and unexplainable in words. I did some research on dreams of death and it described when a person is letting go of his past (inner demons) and is starting a new... this is what the album is about."


released 31 May 2010
Art Photography by: Tony Rios
All Music and Lyrics by: Car Gonzalez
Vive Tu Muerte EP, Mixed & Mastered by: Car Gonzalez
A(n) Self/Independent Release
©2010 Sunsets and Hearts
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