unsets and Hearts, is the project of Mexican American Artist, Car González. He got his early start in Corpus Christi, Tx when he formed the band Vattica with his close friends in 2002. They toured primarily in South Texas and went through a few different name changes and band lineups, first going by the name Vattica, then Stereo Box Studio, and finally landing on Zebras and Firecrackers. The band never released an album. It wasn't until 2009 when a friend left his entire recording equipment in González apartment for a week. It couldn't have came at a better time, as which González has described in interviews was at the lowest point in his life and had a suffering need to release music at any cost.

He recorded a set of demo's and released the dancey, drug pop single "Designer Drugs" which grew popular among friends and music blogs alike, later that year he released the "Despair & Desperation EP (Dec 2009)." Five months later he followed up with the highly obscure garage experimental, "Vive Tu Muerte EP (May 2010)," released the journal focused album "Music Sketchbook Series I," and the bedroom recorded, "Winter Wierdness EP."

By late 2011 he had relocated his music project to Austin, Tx and released the highly anticipated first full length album, "Altered Faze (Dec 2011)" which received much critical praise from music blogs for its interspersion with pop beats, soft melodies and synthesized compositions. The soulful single "Samantha Gamma" showed a softer side to González and became the heartfelt single that grew popular in early 2012.

In the winter months of 2012 he had detached himself from the then-current chillwave music scene and recruited the help of producer Cedar Apffel (Natureboy) and followed up with the avant garde, "Variant EP (Nov 2012)." Where he incorporated changeable influences seeking out post-punk, electronic drone, minimalist ambience and intimate acoustics. The composition, "Aloysia Aeterna / David Lynch" displayed this unique evolved sound to travel on opposite sides of the experimental music spectrum. From 2012 to 2015 he released the post punk influenced, "Bleed Over Ep" the second journal focused album, "Music Sketchbook Series II" and lastly his story crafted compositions album, "Songs for a Non Existent Film."

In early 2016 he released his second full length album "Unknown Futures (Jan 2016)," a complex instrumental electronic punk album with syncopated beats and dazzling synths screaming urgency. The repetitive lyrical single "Inertia LSP (Debt Slavery)" focused more on the redundancy of our lives and how we grow numb with life on a day to day basis when dealing with the blatant injustices being done to our society and future. In May he collaborated with McNeil Joseph and released the single "Suddenly Cataclysms," to benefit Border Angels an all volunteer, non profit organization that advocates for human rights, humane immigration reform, and social justice with a special focus on issues related to the US-Mexican border.

He is currently working on releasing a Summer album Fuck Trump EP before years end 2017.

Listen TOO: Stillbirth

Was so sad to hear about Crystal Castles breaking up but when I read it was because "Years ago I began the process of trying to remove myself from an abusive relationship that started when I was a teenager." I quickly understood that Ethan Kath (Crystal Castles) was the asshole she was talking about and was extremely happy for her.

I have listened to the new Crystal Castles stuff it is shit and what Alice Glass is creating is far more SUPERIOR on EVERY LEVEL. She has an Amazing Voice and I have always thought her Vocals were always too low in the mix on Crystal Castles records. Its great to hear Lars Stalfors put her front and center in the mix. This sounds amazing so looking forward to this Album. Her new song Stillborn is pushing fucking boundaries with its message and sound. Love it! Be on the look out Alice is creating a new sound with Jupiter Keyes.

Tom's Crusade With Sekret Machines

I am. Part for my love of music, part to modernize the art project itself, and part of it is to galvanize more interest in what this whole project is. I wouldn't call this the soundtrack of Sekret Machines, but the whole project is and will be much larger than the band. I want the project to encompass a lot of pieces of modern art, like feature films and television series, music, and novels and non-fiction books and documentaries. We have a lot of those different elements in the works right now. But I don't want to define this project as some Angels & Airwaves spinoff.

I find what Tom DeLonge is trying to achieve with his new project Sekret Machines to be so inspiring on an artistic level. I am really looking forward to reading this novel on Tuesday when it is released. A lot of the what drives my curiosity when I dive into creating soundscapes like Solace (visiXvi) is recreating an atmosphere that is reminiscent of Science Fiction and Space Exploration. Most people do not know but the album cover of Unknown Futures is a nod to a secret government aircraft that could be based on extraterrestrial technology.

“What you hold in your hands is a piece of a very large puzzle. It represents the first installment in one of the most ambitious projects ever undertaken in this or any other field. It is a project that involves science and history, politics and religion; fiction and non-fiction. All of these elements are woven together in an effort to express a singular truth. While they each can be appreciated in a stand-alone way—and who, after reading this thrilling novel, could disagree?—taken together they reveal an aspect of reality that is so astonishing that it only can be understood intuitively as well as rationally.” - Peter Levenda, Author of Sekret Machines non-fiction series

This episode of Coast To Coast Radio Show (aired 03/27/16) goes really in depth with Tom on his crusade of bringing the truth out, in regards to government involvement with UFO's and Recovered Alien Technology. Most notably he brings up the conversation with one of the Clinton's chief of staff and their involvement with bringing this to light.

This is all factual newspaper clippings #CarTinaHoneymoon

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For a lot of people out there this subject of Aliens & UFO's is a real piece of their lives, some so much so that they actually create historic museums to explain it to people interested in the subject. The caveat to all this is for the most part the government does not want this talked about in public or an open forum because of national security. I immediately thought of Project Blue Beam when he spoke about government involvement. The Military Industrial Complex owns most of this advance technology and Tom could be a pawn in all this and not even know it.

Masterpiece Albums: Natureboy (Self-Titled Release)

I love this album to death. It is one of the most honest heartfelt albums I have ever heard. It is disturbing how much this album soaks through your bones and reveals itself.

Chillin watching Natureboy #sxsw

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I spent much of 2011 listening to this album and sinking deeper and deeper into the void of pain I was in at the time. This album pulled me out of that wasteful gutter and brought out the hope that was left inside of me.

I interviewed Sara Kermanshahi at that time and asked her everything I could about how she created this Masterpiece. She told me she had just moved to New York and was getting over a massive breakup and everything was poured into this one album.

Her voice is beautiful and the tones of her guitar & backward synth loops are all placed together in harmony that I find so enchanting. Her lyrics for her songs are well written and her verse's are very direct and personal. What I like most about her lyrical structure though is she uses words subtly in her chorus's and she often finds a way to say very little while letting her voice explain the rest. (Mazzy Star was great at that as well.)




Bear McCreary Diving Into Subterranean Feels

A Hi-Def Masters Collection for: Unknown Futures

A Hi-Def Masters Collection for: Unknown Futures is being released today including all sorts of exclusives and extras it will be exclusively through Gumroad (because there is no other way to deliver Hi-Def Audio this efficiently!)


The Bundle contains every song from "Unknown Futures" in all digital formats: AAC, ALAC, LQ MP3, HQ MP3, OGG, FLAC, AIFF, 16 Bit WAV, 24 Bit WAV.

The Hi-Def 24 Bit Audio Wave Files is the one I would suggest listening to first as it is the exact replica of the song as if you were listening to it in my bedroom studio.  

I also included the *Digital Bonus Tracks, "Soul of a New Machine" and "7th Dimension Blues" in mostly all digital formats.

I have included a folder of Hi-Def 24 Bit Audio Stems for every song (including Bonus Tracks & Unreleased Songs) on this album. There are treated versions of each audio stem. So you can listen & create your own remixes or create your own loops with every instrument on this album for every song.

Included is the Album Art in High Quality JPEG format. (1000x1000 & 1400x1400)

Bonus Item 1: I include 4 Songs that are unreleased and will be exclusive to this collection only: "Exiles of Time," "False Futures," "Kill the House Lights" and "Suddenly Cataclysms." They were all made during the recording of Unknown Futures. (Included in each song are mostly all digital formats and Hi-Def 24 Bit Audio Stems)

Bonus Item 2: I include the original "Unknown Futures" Masters Folder (16 Bit Hi-Def Audio Waves) that I received back after getting the album Mastered.

Bonus Item 3: Early Unreleased Recordings made during Unknown Futures. A minimal electronic song titled, "So Zoned To Be With You" and a minimal acoustic guitar & piano song titled, "Dementia."

Bonus Item 4: Personal Songwriting Recordings created during Unknown Futures. A vocal acoustic guitar song, "The Decline" and a vocal piano song, "Ariel."

Until today I have never released this much material for an album before (well over 8.5GB's of Hi-Def Audio.) I am now really considering releasing all future albums this way.

This is definitely not for the casual fan but the few people that decide to get this, they are going to love it!! 

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Music Dies When Companies Die

The trouble is that, even as music has become more durable, it has—paradoxically—also become more ephemeral. Your physical records don’t evaporate if the store you bought it from closes shop or the record label that published them goes out of business. If a streaming music company goes under, a stockpile of important cultural artifacts could go with it.

KLINT FINLEY brings up valid points in his latest post of the state of streaming music. (Post Music Streaming Services)

I believe there will always be a way for people to get music once these companies go, whether its through a different company or a passionate fan. Music just doesn't go away it still lives on for the people who seek it out.

I know that me building my own site and distributing it exclusively on here first and everywhere else (Music Streaming Services) after about few weeks or so afterwards is a conscious choice to let my few fans know that this is where my music comes first and will always be not matter if these companies go away.


Who fucking cares? It’s 2015. There’s 1,000 years of pop music behind us.

Consider Tarantino’s movies; I like that he plays with form. He will make a genre film but he’ll deconstruct what that genre even is. That’s an example of post-modern filmmaking. You’re aware of the reference, but nothing is original because everything has been done; everything is a variation on some concept. But you can’t exist in a vacuum. I like embracing the idea that listeners might catch a reference or that they get inspired by something.

I like to believe you can create something only Great inside of a vacuum. Its too easy for me to just say everything has been done before so lets just rehash and regurgitate are heroes. Thats too easy and sounds like an excuse to not move the needle forward. Creating Art is difficult you got to embrace your instincts.