unsets and Hearts, is the project of Mexican American Artist, Car González. He got his early start in Corpus Christi, Tx when he formed the band Vattica with his close friends in 2002. They toured primarily in South Texas and went through a few different name changes and band lineups, first going by the name Vattica, then Stereo Box Studio, and finally landing on Zebras and Firecrackers. The band never released an album. It wasn't until 2009 when a friend left his entire recording equipment in González apartment for a week. It couldn't have came at a better time, as which González has described in interviews was at the lowest point in his life and had a suffering need to release music at any cost.

He recorded a set of demo's and released the dancey, drug pop single "Designer Drugs" which grew popular among friends and music blogs alike, later that year he released the "Despair & Desperation EP (Dec 2009)." Five months later he followed up with the highly obscure garage experimental, "Vive Tu Muerte EP (May 2010)," released the journal focused album "Music Sketchbook Series I," and the bedroom recorded, "Winter Wierdness EP."

By late 2011 he had relocated his music project to Austin, Tx and released the highly anticipated first full length album, "Altered Faze (Dec 2011)" which received much critical praise from music blogs for its interspersion with pop beats, soft melodies and synthesized compositions. The soulful single "Samantha Gamma" showed a softer side to González and became the heartfelt single that grew popular in early 2012.

In the winter months of 2012 he had detached himself from the then-current chillwave music scene and recruited the help of producer Cedar Apffel (Natureboy) and followed up with the avant garde, "Variant EP (Nov 2012)." Where he incorporated changeable influences seeking out post-punk, electronic drone, minimalist ambience and intimate acoustics. The composition, "Aloysia Aeterna / David Lynch" displayed this unique evolved sound to travel on opposite sides of the experimental music spectrum. From 2012 to 2015 he released the post punk influenced, "Bleed Over Ep" the second journal focused album, "Music Sketchbook Series II" and lastly his story crafted compositions album, "Songs for a Non Existent Film."

In early 2016 he released his second full length album "Unknown Futures (Jan 2016)," a complex instrumental electronic punk album with syncopated beats and dazzling synths screaming urgency. The repetitive lyrical single "Inertia LSP (Debt Slavery)" focused more on the redundancy of our lives and how we grow numb with life on a day to day basis when dealing with the blatant injustices being done to our society and future. In May he collaborated with McNeil Joseph and released the single "Suddenly Cataclysms," to benefit Border Angels an all volunteer, non profit organization that advocates for human rights, humane immigration reform, and social justice with a special focus on issues related to the US-Mexican border.

He is currently working on releasing a Summer album Fuck Trump EP before years end 2017.

The Definitive List of 2015 Films

It took me nearly a month to come up with this list and the better part of the year to watch all of these films but I'm really proud to say this is my very very thorough list of my Favorite Films of 2015. You may not agree with this list. I understand not all of these films are very popular (except one maybe 2 but lets be honest its really just one) and I may not have listed your favorite film of 2015 (ex. "What We Do in the Shadows") but nonetheless here it is in all its glory.

Also let me say if you were a fan of "Jurassic World" "Avengers" or "AntMan" or some other comic book movie you should just skip this post now and save yourself the dissapointment.

1.     Mad Max: Fury Road 

What else is there to say that hasn't been said. One Statement.  "......" (speechless) Thats all I will say about Mad Max.

2.     Victoria

If their ever was a film that surprised me at every scene it would be Victoria. If I could create through film it would be something like this. Its so good. So so good! It unfolds like a great novel and is definiately re-watchable for a multitude of reasons that I can't go into unless you watch it first. ProTip: (Honestly just watch it. Don't see the trailer just watch it.)

3.     Kurt Cobain Montage of Heck

Love or hate the guy you can not deny his magnetism. To me. He was one of the GOAT's. (Once in a generation kinda musicians.) I really enjoyed peering into his mind and his life. It was a weird feeling but it made me feel way more connected to him than I ever have before. (Especially watching him on MTV growing up in the 90's.)

4.     Predestination

This is a mind fuck of a film that you will be thinking about for days afterwards. The story is something out of a Philip K DIck novel. You just got to be willing to go along for the ride it has so many turns, you might not be ready for but it all fits perfectly into a beautiful "Snake." (Yes thats right a snake.)

5.     Ex Machina

Alex Garland is a writer (now filmmaker) I have followed since my late teens. He single handily re-ignited the Zombie Genre. He's so good at what he does that less talented people straight up plagiarize his work. So its no surprise his first film is a masterpiece.

6.     Bone Tomahawk

Certain films pull you right out of your own skin. This is one of them. Horror Western is what people are calling it. I just thought (hmm...) this is how all Westerns should be.

7.     Love & Mercy

First off Elizabeth Banks steals the show. Second John Cusack actually can still act. (Wasn't sure after 2012.) Seriously this film is about Brian Wilson from the critically acclaimed Beach Boys. Some of my favorite parts of the film was just seeing his character (played by Paul Dano) in the studio working on Pet Sounds. (His bad relationship with his father and his manager was just insane.) Best of all seeing the creation of "God Only Knows" is among many of the things that I loved about this film.

8.     The End of the Tour

Who the fuck is David Foster Wallace and why should I care? That was going through my mind while I was searching for my seat among a few people in an empty theater. Sometimes you meet genuinely good people in your lifetime and sometimes those people have a bigger impact on you than you realize years later. This is true. By the end of the film I came to the conclusion that it wasn't David Foster Wallace that was important it was what he left behind in his writings and his outlook on what being a human actually is.

9.     Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation

He is the last action hero that just keeps on trucking on. (No matter how much people shit on him.) I always liked him as an actor and action star. So it was no surprise to me that this is his best MI since the first one and that is saying a lot because that one was directed by Brian De (FUCKIN) Palma.

10. The Peanuts Movie

I hate Charlie Brown I always have, ever since I was a kid. But my wife loves Peanuts and so I went to see it with her. I was shocked by how much this movie moved me emotionally. Its a great movie and a definite must see. 

These are a few films that I have seen and think they are pretty great too in their own right.