Stanley Kubrick's "Eyes Wide Shut" an Introspection

Kubrick & The Illuminati is name of this documentary which brings to light a lot of coincidences that are too overwhelming to set aside to say the least. I am an avid listener to Coast to Coast AM and keep an open mind about everything, that is how I came to find this documentary.

I had know idea Kubrick was having personal problems while making this film which I feel now after re-watching makes a lot more sense. This film deals with the struggle Kubrick had with his daughter Vivian Kubrick, who I had no idea existed until watching this documentary.

Kubrick has inspired so many artists, people and he has legions of fans, his films are taught and dissected in schools and universities. It goes without saying Kubrick will have a lasting impact on generations to come. He truly was a Auteur. If you have never heard of him I recommend checking his films out.

While “Kubrick & The Illuminati” begins with a shot of Michel Ciment, the editor of the journal Positif, it’s Laurent Vachaud’s voice that is heard in most of the film. But Vachaud told ARTINFO that he had nothing to do with the choice of film clips or editing the documentary, and that its directors alone were responsible for it. In fact, he described himself as “opposed to systematically illustrating the idea with the image,” which gives “the impression that everything is put on the same level,” causing the structured argument of his original article to vanish. Vachaud also spoke of the astonishing cinematographic power of “Eyes Wide Shut,” which he sees as “almost as cosmic a film as ‘2001, A Space Odyssey.’”