Tom's Crusade With Sekret Machines

I am. Part for my love of music, part to modernize the art project itself, and part of it is to galvanize more interest in what this whole project is. I wouldn't call this the soundtrack of Sekret Machines, but the whole project is and will be much larger than the band. I want the project to encompass a lot of pieces of modern art, like feature films and television series, music, and novels and non-fiction books and documentaries. We have a lot of those different elements in the works right now. But I don't want to define this project as some Angels & Airwaves spinoff.

I find what Tom DeLonge is trying to achieve with his new project Sekret Machines to be so inspiring on an artistic level. I am really looking forward to reading this novel on Tuesday when it is released. A lot of the what drives my curiosity when I dive into creating soundscapes like Solace (visiXvi) is recreating an atmosphere that is reminiscent of Science Fiction and Space Exploration. Most people do not know but the album cover of Unknown Futures is a nod to a secret government aircraft that could be based on extraterrestrial technology.

“What you hold in your hands is a piece of a very large puzzle. It represents the first installment in one of the most ambitious projects ever undertaken in this or any other field. It is a project that involves science and history, politics and religion; fiction and non-fiction. All of these elements are woven together in an effort to express a singular truth. While they each can be appreciated in a stand-alone way—and who, after reading this thrilling novel, could disagree?—taken together they reveal an aspect of reality that is so astonishing that it only can be understood intuitively as well as rationally.” - Peter Levenda, Author of Sekret Machines non-fiction series

This episode of Coast To Coast Radio Show (aired 03/27/16) goes really in depth with Tom on his crusade of bringing the truth out, in regards to government involvement with UFO's and Recovered Alien Technology. Most notably he brings up the conversation with one of the Clinton's chief of staff and their involvement with bringing this to light.

This is all factual newspaper clippings #CarTinaHoneymoon

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For a lot of people out there this subject of Aliens & UFO's is a real piece of their lives, some so much so that they actually create historic museums to explain it to people interested in the subject. The caveat to all this is for the most part the government does not want this talked about in public or an open forum because of national security. I immediately thought of Project Blue Beam when he spoke about government involvement. The Military Industrial Complex owns most of this advance technology and Tom could be a pawn in all this and not even know it.