Masterpiece Albums: Natureboy (Self-Titled Release)

I love this album to death. It is one of the most honest heartfelt albums I have ever heard. It is disturbing how much this album soaks through your bones and reveals itself.

Chillin watching Natureboy #sxsw

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I spent much of 2011 listening to this album and sinking deeper and deeper into the void of pain I was in at the time. This album pulled me out of that wasteful gutter and brought out the hope that was left inside of me.

I interviewed Sara Kermanshahi at that time and asked her everything I could about how she created this Masterpiece. She told me she had just moved to New York and was getting over a massive breakup and everything was poured into this one album.

Her voice is beautiful and the tones of her guitar & backward synth loops are all placed together in harmony that I find so enchanting. Her lyrics for her songs are well written and her verse's are very direct and personal. What I like most about her lyrical structure though is she uses words subtly in her chorus's and she often finds a way to say very little while letting her voice explain the rest. (Mazzy Star was great at that as well.)