Music Dies When Companies Die

The trouble is that, even as music has become more durable, it has—paradoxically—also become more ephemeral. Your physical records don’t evaporate if the store you bought it from closes shop or the record label that published them goes out of business. If a streaming music company goes under, a stockpile of important cultural artifacts could go with it.

KLINT FINLEY brings up valid points in his latest post of the state of streaming music. (Post Music Streaming Services)

I believe there will always be a way for people to get music once these companies go, whether its through a different company or a passionate fan. Music just doesn't go away it still lives on for the people who seek it out.

I know that me building my own site and distributing it exclusively on here first and everywhere else (Music Streaming Services) after about few weeks or so afterwards is a conscious choice to let my few fans know that this is where my music comes first and will always be not matter if these companies go away.