Music Connect or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Cloud

When it comes to posting music for my band these days I feel like I struggle with everything. Should I use Bandcamp, my Website, Soundcloud, Facebook ugh I hate Facebook, Youtube or should I use everything. Its a mess.

Once I finally do decide I have to figure how the hell do I get people to Listen. Should I use Twitter, my Website, or Facebook ugh. HELP!

...Introducing Music


First off I want it to be clear I think Music is a Godsend it is everything I want in a Listener of music and a Creator of music. Beats1 reminds me so much of MTV when it was breaking emerging artists in the early 90's. The interface is slick and really pops everything is set in its place for a reason. I'm really loving the For You tab. A lot of my new additions to my music library have come from there. But my favorite feature is Connect.

They Fucking Nailed It!

Trent Reznor was really thinking about both the fan and artist. He gets a lot of credit for making this all sing in harmony. 

Not only can I follow my favorite artists and listen to alternative versions of unreleased songs and instrumentals. I get behind the scenes photos and videos. It is a total experience with the artists/music we love that has never been created before Music. 

Fast forward to why were here today...

So there has been a lot of bad press from everybody regarding the upload features of Music Connect. Just last week a band named AIRPLANE MODE ripped apart Connect and published some pretty hard criticism about the uploading features regarding Connect which I feel were just not true and plain wrong in every sense of the word.

The truth is it is very simple and elegant to upload music through Connect I find it way better & easier uploading to this than any other music service (i.e. Soundcloud) I have ever used on my iPhone. 

I will describe the method I use and the one I think a lot of artists are not thinking about trying or maybe it just didn't dawn on them.

For the record this was the first method I had tried and immediately thought about the moment I had access to my artist page on Connect. Hope this helps people that are struggling.

I also would like to add that I am very much a tinkerer. I love to bounce wav files and aac files from Logic Pro into my Microsoft OneDrive account. I listen to them on various speakers then go back & fix some things just to bounce them back out immediately afterwards.

OneDrive created a folder for this on my iMac that syncs everything to the cloud all of my demo's and unreleased songs end up on here. If you haven't done this I recommend embracing Cloud Storage. (I use OneDrive because I find it to be way more stable with large Music Files)

Step 1. Find the folder where you keep your music and choose the song you want to upload from your Cloud Storage App. (i.e. OneDrive, Dropbox, Box)


Step 2. Tap the Share/Export Icon. Tap Open in Another App.


Step 3. Choose the Music Icon.


Step 4. Enter all your info for your song and don't forget cover art.


Step 5. Add some quick commentary on the track and tap Post. After tapping Post you will be brought back to your Cloud Storage App.


Step 6. Tap the Home Button and Tap on the Music App. You will see a Upload Remaining Bar tap that and you will see your progress on your song being uploaded to Connect.


Step 7. You will receive a Notification once your song is uploaded to Connect.


Step 8. Now you can see the song you uploaded on your Connect Tab.


It is that easy. Everything just works!

Apple has made everything really easy for me when it comes to creating music and uploading songs to Connect. I am very grateful to be living in a time when an artist such as myself can create music and post to the world from my iPhone. I am so excited of the possibilities with Connect and Music.

I would also like to point out that I honestly think this is the way Apple intended musicians to upload songs. Why else would everything work so seamless. I don't know anyone that wants to upload music through iTunes anymore learn to love the cloud baby.