Altered Faze

by Sunsets and Hearts

About this Album:

This about everything that happened in late 2010 and more...those close to me know exactly what I am talking about...its also just what naturally came out and how I truly felt at the time of recording Altered Faze...I couldn't explain it any better than that. 

Altered Faze was recorded in a small house in the suburbs of Corpus Christi, Tx on March & April of 2011. It was Mixed and Mastered in Waupun, WI on October & November of 2011. 

I would personally like to thank Tony Rios for providing the amazing artwork for Altered Faze and just for being an awesome friend & collaborator. 

I would also like to thank Sam Sterk for creating the amazing world for these songs to thrive truly had a direction for these songs and for that I am forever grateful.


released 27 December 2011
Art Photography by: Tony Rios
All Music and Lyrics by: Car Gonzalez
Altered Faze, Mixed & Mastered by: Sam Sterk
A(n) Self/Independent Release
©2011 Sunsets and Hearts
Distro: currently not possible

Price: $599

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